Sulphur (S)

Sulphur is one of the essential elements to plants. It is necessary for the formation of Chlorophyll the green, light absorbing pigments in plants. A Sulphur deficiency results in yellowing, usually of the whole plant, and small leaves with rolled down edges. Sulphur is also the most common soil acidifier, which is very economical and effective way of lowering the pH of alkaline soil and neutralise.

Manutec Sulphur Products: available in 500g & 3kg packs

Manutec Sulphur is a very pure and elemental sulphur with 99.9% analysis and an excellent soil acidifier and provide value for money. It is in very fine granular form and makes it easy to handle with & safe without dust.

Sulphur 500gProduct: Sulphur – Lowering soil pH 500g boxsulphur -analysis directions

Product code: MTO0555

Product Barcode: 9312462555006

Carton Qty: 6 x 500g packs


sulphur 500g bottleProduct: Sulphur – Lowering soil pH 500g bottle

Product code: MTO0555B

Product Barcode: 9312462055551

Carton Qty: 6 x 500g bottles


SULPHUR 3kgProduct: Sulphur – Lowering soil pH 3kg bag

Product code: MBP0308

Product Barcode: 9312462030008

Carton Qty: 4 X 3kg bags


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