Corrective/Problem solving Products

Manutec have some specialty products which will help to correct some specific issues or problems in the garden such as growth of Moss in wet/high rainfall conditions, powdery mildew or mite attack in hot & humid conditions etc.

Moss Killer & Lawn Food 

Manutec Moss Killer & Lawn Food is an APVMA registered and regulated product, which effectively controls development of moss and at the same time feeds the lawn in one application. It encourages the grass growth to rapidly fill in any patches left by dead moss. In addition to Moss it also controls the infestation of Clover weeds.

However caution is to be taken to avoid applying on to concrete, slate or bricks and cement as the active ingredient Iron will cause rusty stain with moisture.

Moss Killer & Lawn Food 2.5kgProduct: Moss Killer & Lawn Food 2.5kgMoss killer - analysis-directions

Product code: MBP0264

Product Barcode: 9312462025097

Carton Qty: 6 X 2.5kg bags


Moss Killer & Lawn Food 5kgProduct: Moss Killer & Lawn Food 5kg

Product code: MBP0564

Product Barcode: 9312462525092

Carton Qty: 1x 5kg bag (Individual)


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Manutec Dusting Sulphur and Wettable Sulphur are the traditional and safe fungicides available for home garden use which are effective against common fungal infections such as Powdery mildew and also mites.

WETTABLE SULPHUR: Manutec Wettable Sulphur is a soluble form of elemental sulphur which is easy to mix and spray and effectively controls Powdery mildew, Scab, rust and mites.

WET SUL 500GProduct: Wettable Sulphur 500g bottlewettable sul - directions

Product code: MTO0557

Product Barcode: 9312462550506

Carton Qty: 6 x 500g bottles


wettable sul - caution


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DUSTING SULPHUR: Manutec Dusting Sulphur is a very fine air floated powder, when dusted on to foliage.leaves, provides a high degree of control of Powdery mildew and mites.

dust sul 700gProduct: Dusting Sulphur 500g bottledusting sul-directions

Product code: MTO0556

Product Barcode: 9312462550056

Carton Qty: 6 x 700g bottles



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ALUM (Aluminium Sulphate)

Aluminium Sulphate (ALUM) is used to acidify the soil under hydrangeas whose flowers must be blue. The blue colour is induced by aluminium compound and aluminium ion will be taken up by plants only under acidic conditions. Hence as the soil pH determines the colour of sepals, it is important that the pH of the soil or potting media is determined and adjusted prior to the growing period. Any pH between 5.5 and 6.0 is acceptable during plant growth, but when forcing begins the soil pH for a crop of blue sepals must be 5.5 or lower.
Follow the directions on the package and apply accordingly.
NOTE: Soil pH can be quickly lowered by adding Manutec Sulphur to the media (visit Once the required acid pH is achieved it can be maintained by the regular use of this Alum and Manutec Hydrangea Blueing Fertiliser.

Alum 2.5kgProduct: Manutec ALUM 2.5kgALUM analysis directions

Product Code: MBP0263

Product Barcode: 9312462025080

Carton Qty: 1 bag each.


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