Potassium (K)

Potassium is essential to all plants, but is required in larger amounts by vegetables, flowers and crop bearing trees. Potassium helps to protect plants from disease, improves colour and quality of fruits. Potassium is important to lawns, improving water resistance and increasing heat, drought and cold tolerance. Deficiency is likely to occur in very sandy soils. Symptoms first appear in older leaves which become a dull grey-green colour. Yellow spots then appear on leaf margins and tips. These spots expand causing these areas to scorch and die.

Products Supplementing Potassium

Manutec Sulphate of Potash (also called Potassium Sulphate) as soluble Powder & Manutec Liquid Potash are the best sources of Potassium  for applying in dry and liquid forms. Manutec Potash provides higher yields, improved quality and reduced costs, as Potassium is required at higher levels during the reproductive period of the plants growth cycle, i.e. flowering and fruit setting.

Manutec Sulphate of Potash – soluble powder: available in 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg & 4kg packs.

Potash 500gProduct: Potassium  Sulphate 500g boxPotash analysis-directions

Product code: MTO0500

Product Barcode: 9312462330030

Carton Qty: 6 X 500g packs


Potash 1kgProduct: Sulphate of Potash 1kg bag

Product code: MBP1104

Product Barcode: 9312462110410

Carton Qty: 6 x 1kg bags


POTASH 2.5kgProduct: Sulphate of Potash 2.5kg bag

Product code: MBP0266

Product Barcode: 9312462025110

Carton Qty: 6 x 2.5kg bags


POTASH 4kgProduct: Sulphate of Potash 4kg bag

Product code: MBP0404

Product Barcode: 9312462040441download button

Carton Qty: 4 x 4kg bags

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LIQUID POTASH PLUS: available in 450ml and 2L bottles

Manutec Liquid Potash Plus is an easy to use Potassium fertiliser in liquid form and as a booster for fruits and flowers. Manutec Liquid Potash+ provides a balanced supply of Potassium (K) during the initial growth stages, improves a plants ability to tolerate stress from drought, extreme temperatures and resistance to pests and diseases. An adequate supply of Potassium is critical during flowering and fruiting periods -improving colour, quality, size, firmness and shelf life of fruits and flowers. Manutec Liquid Potash+ is quick acting with visible results, suitable for vegetables, fruiting and flowering plants and lawns.

MANUTEC LIQUID POTASH 450MLProduct: Manutec Liquid Potash Plus – 450mlLiquid Potash- analysis directions

Product code: MTO3404

Product barcode: 9312462450417

Carton Qty: 6 x 450ml bottles


Product: Manutec Liquid Potash Plus – 2L

Product code: MTO3424

Product barcode: 9312462452428

Carton Qty: 4 x 2L bottles


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Mono Potas Phos 500gProduct: Manutec Mono Potassium Phosphate (MKP) Soluble 500g packmkp details

Product code: MTO0566

Product barcode: 9312462665002

Carton Qty: 6 x 500g packs


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